Shaman Isabella

As a Shaman energy healer, I have been able to assist hundreds of clients break free from painful pasts so they can live a life of clarity, joy and abundance.


My expertise is energy healing.

I work with your energy body to identify and remove blockages.

Once these blockages are removed and your chakras are balanced your natural energy will flow. If aspects of your energy are incomplete or missing, I will retrieve them for you to restore your soul to its whole, complete self. In the Shamanic tradition this is called Soul Retrieval.

I am a student of Dr. Alberto Villoldo the founder of the Four Winds Society, and a graduate of the Healing The Light Body School.

My knowledge and experience mean that no matter what problem is plaguing you, I have seen it and healed it. For over 20 years, I have helped hundreds of people release old energy and break free from mental chatter.

My clients feel light and clear after just one session, and you will too.

Tune into your highest vibrational light so you can live a calm, beautiful life today.

Every experience in life creates an imprint within us.

Negative experiences, complicated relationships, tough childhoods and more can leave a mark on our energy fields.

These imprints lead to blockages, stopping the natural flow of energy from moving as it should. When this happens, you can feel off, out of place, scattered and stuck.

You may be blind to these energy dynamics, but they’re there. They keep you from living your life to the fullest. They stop you from loving fully and deeply. They hold you in a tight grip that feels impossible to shake free from.

Your life doesn’t have to be like this.

Once your energy has shifted you will feel different.

How wonderful would your life be if you got rid of that heavy feeling? Who would you be in the world if you were confident, courageous and excited about life every day? What could you achieve if you knew your purpose and path?

The life you want is waiting for you. The feelings you seek are there. True and lasting happiness will be yours.

It would be my honor to guide you there. 

“I had a session with Isabella back in September. I needed clarity on a big career decision at the time and had many things holding me back from moving forward. During my time with her, she was able to help me clear my mind, revive my spirit and at the end of the session, I had a remarkable breakthrough where I broke out into tears of happiness and felt so relieved. Shortly after seeing her, I made the choice to go after my dream job and now I could not be happier. I highly recommend Isabella. She helped guide me to a path where my spirit is so much more alive. I look forward to seeing her again!”

My Story

All my life, I found myself feeling stuck and unhappy. I felt a heaviness that, no matter what I did, I couldn’t shake, but one day everything changed, and I didn’t look back…

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For most of my life, I spent years searching; searching for answers, searching for meaning, looking for my purpose, and trying to find my place in the world.

From the age of 11 to 31, my life consisted of abuse, addiction, and trauma. Having a great love for people always made me an over-giver, but I didn’t know that then. No one had taught me that I was an empath and could feel other people’s feelings. I had no boundaries and knew nothing of self-love.

At the age of 31, during the pregnancy of my youngest child, I got my life together and began learning about Louise Hay and positive self-talk. I practiced affirmations and began evolving as a human on the planet. But even after years of creating a stable life for myself and my children, I still didn’t feel quite right. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was destined for more…

Nothing I tried, no amount of therapy, self-help books, or groups, brought me closer to the truth of why I still felt so out of place or why the wounds I had suffered were still not completely healed. What I had done had helped but not enough for me to feel whole.

While in Idaho, obtaining my Master of Fine Arts degree in 2006, I sought out a shaman to assist my mom during her transition. Even though my life had changed for the better and I was generally happy, I still felt stuck. The healing was so profound and so effective I was stunned; it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

The energy healing got to the root of the problem instantly. I had years of talk therapy prior, but nothing came close to the insights, revelations, and release I experienced during that first energy healing.

In one session, the shaman removed so much of the heaviness I had felt for so long. I finally began to experience more of my own light. The healing brought profound clarity and helped me start trusting my intuition like never before.

The next year I moved back to California, my home, and began training. I didn’t do this to become a shaman; I did this because it was the first time that the things, I believed in actually made sense.

I traveled to Peru and the Amazon with my healer to work with the mountains and rivers, and to connect deeply to Pachamama. We began with the plant medicine, Ayahuasca. During one of the ceremonies, another shaman had me revisit a painful experience from my past. I let go of the pain from that memory and stepped onto a new timeline for myself. After several medicine journeys with not only mother Aya but San Pedro (Wachuma) as well, I came into alignment with my heart’s path. I felt a deeper connection with Mother Earth, Pachamama, and myself.

I was so moved by these shifts that I decided to dedicate my life to learning more about this energy healing path. I initially began the healing journey to enhance my own spiritual connection, but slowly, the path revealed that I was destined to help others.

For three years, it was difficult for me to step into my role as an energy healing practitioner or shaman. Even though people I worked on would experience profound and enlightening shifts, somehow, I couldn’t claim this as my work. I didn’t have the confidence I felt I needed.

One day, after a personal soul retrieval healing that focused mainly on self-esteem and self-worth, I found the missing piece. My missing piece. I identified why I didn’t want to step into the role of healer in this lifetime, and I released that old energy.

Once this clicked into place, my confidence and intuition grew exponentially, and I could finally step into helping people at the deepest level to find their light and build their self-confidence.

In 2009, I opened my home as the Orange County Healing Center and began seeing clients either face-to-face or online. I hosted monthly fire ceremonies for meditation, healing and building community. I installed the medicine rites of the Munay-Ki, the way they were installed for me, high atop the Andes mountains.

To this day, the Orange County Healing Center remains a place of joy and light. A place of refuge. People come from far and wide for events and ceremonies, each designed to release, reset, and raise consciousness.

We will soon be open for personal 5-day retreats. Clients that have worked with me will have the opportunity to go deeper and use this space to heal themselves.

It has been my honor to have assisted many clients and their families on their path to self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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