Ep. 011 – True Lies

Apr 4, 2023

This week’s episode of A Modern Shaman is diving deep into the topic of lies – and trust us, it’s not what you think. We often think of a lie as something deliberately false, but there is so much more to what makes a lie a lie.

We lie for many reasons – from self-protection or avoiding embarrassment, guilt and shame around past mistakes – and sometimes even in an effort to protect the ones we love.

“Fear is a powerful liar.”

Join your hosts, Kimberly Harlan and Shaman Isabella, as they explore the greater truth behind the lies we tell ourselves, and the lies our mothers told – because they are not always black and white.

In this episode, we challenge you to think about the little lies and big lies and how they affect our authenticity and perceptions. How do these lies impact ourselves, our children and those around us?

Discover the cathartic power of healing through journaling; breathe deep and release the masks of your past.

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In This Episode We Talk About

  • Checking in on our manifestations of the Spring Equinox
  • When is a lie, a lie?
  • Why do we lie to ourselves?
  • How have the lies our mothers told affect us?
  • Lying as a survival mechanism
  • Building personas, lies, and creating the masks we wear
  • What is a lie?
  • Big lies, little lies, & white lies
  • The importance of journaling, talking, and releasing lies
  • Laugh through your stories & let it all go

Resources In The Episode

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