Ep. 019 – The Unfolding with Arielle Estoria

Jun 7, 2023

This week we spoke with author, poet and actor Arielle Estoria who has journeyed, discovered, risked it all, and finally stepped firmly into her authentic self without apology or doubt, all by age 32.

Arielle’s story is liberating, but it didn’t come easy to this Oakland-born, eldest daughter of a Baptist minister and self-described recovering people-pleaser. She shares her experiences with us as we talk about her book THE UNFOLDING: An Invitation to Come Home to Yourself.

“Words are meant to be felt and experienced and not just heard. -Arielle Estoria”

In it, Arielle breaks down the barriers to finding her own true fulfillment through understanding how our inner worlds create our outer experiences. Her book is infused with poetry and mediations and is a workbook for the reader to explore their own journeys.   We loved talking with Arielle about the challenges she’s faced in unfolding her own potential, which she breaks down into five mind-blowingly inspiring phases you can apply to your own journey. Take a listen, get inspired, and send us YOUR stories of unfolding!

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In This Episode We Talk About

  • Welcoming and Introducing Arielle Estoria 
  • Arielle’s background and story telling 
  • Trust in yourself and your art
  • Arielle’s first book, Vagabonds & Zealots 
  • The Unfolding 
  • The 5 phases of unfolding and how they manifested
  • The power in words
  • Coming home to yourself 
  • Who were you before you were told who to be 
  • Deciding how you step into who you are
  • People pleasing, and being a fixer
  • Setting boundaries, and saying no
  • We all have access to healing

Resources In The Episode

  • Arielle’s first book, Vagabonds & Zealots
  • Learn more about the amazing Arielle Estoria
  • Check out Arielle’s book The Unfolding
  • What is Kintsugi? Kugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver lacquer, emphasizing and highlighting the breaks as part of the object’s history rather than concealing them. The philosophy behind kintsugi is that the object becomes more beautiful and valuable by embracing its imperfections and scars, and that the process of repair and transformation adds to its unique story and character. Kintsugi is often seen as a metaphor for resilience and accepting change and imperfection in life.
  • Check out this guide on Kintsugi from NOMLIVING, read here
  • What are spiritual imprints? Spirit imprints are the marks and impressions we leave on the world around us, the intangible legacy of our beliefs, values, and experiences. They are the echoes of our minds, hearts, and souls, imprinted on the people we meet, the places we go, and the things we create. Spiritual imprints are the way we make a lasting impact on the world, beyond our physical presence, by inspiring, teaching, and uplifting others. They are the invisible threads that connect us to something greater than ourselves, the traces of our spiritual journey, and the reminder that our time here is meaningful and precious.
  • Work with Shaman Isabella – Work with Isabella
  • Grab a bite at Kim’s restaurant, Modern Shaman in Whittier

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