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I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Voyage LA, an experience that allowed me to share my journey and insights into the world of shamanic healing and spiritual growth. I have summarized my interview into my own words below, which offers a glimpse into my life story, from the transformative moments to the creation of the Orange County Healing Center, and my ongoing mission to help others find their path to healing and self-discovery.

For those who wish to delve deeper into my experiences and the wisdom I’ve gathered along this incredible journey, I invite you to read the full interview on Voyage LA’s website. The interview provides a comprehensive look at my personal and professional evolution, the challenges I’ve overcome, and the joy I find in guiding others on their own spiritual journeys.

To explore the complete interview and learn more about my journey, please visit Voyage LA’s website. Join me in this exploration of healing, empowerment, and the power of shamanic practices.

Journey to Enlightenment: Isabella Stoloff’s Transformative Path from Hollywood Hills to Shamanic Healer

Welcome to the inspiring world of Isabella, a beacon of hope and transformation in the realm of shamanic healing. Isabella’s journey is a remarkable tale of personal metamorphosis, marked by profound experiences and spiritual enlightenment.

Raised amidst the vibrant backdrop of Hollywood Hills in the 1960s, Isabella’s early years were a whirlwind of cultural shifts. However, it wasn’t until the birth of her daughter, Victoria Craven, in 1991 that her true path began to unveil. This pivotal event propelled her toward a life of purpose and self-discovery.

By the age of 46, with a background in Theatre, Isabella experienced her first spiritual awakening through a shamanic healing session. This extraordinary encounter, facilitated by a Chilean Shaman over the phone, not only aided in her mother’s peaceful passing but also liberated Isabella from the lingering presence of her late husband’s energy. This moment was a turning point, igniting a passion for shamanic studies and leading her to the mystical landscapes of Peru, where she delved into the world of plant medicines.

In her pursuit of spiritual growth, Isabella founded the Orange County Healing Center, transforming her home into a sanctuary of healing and spiritual exploration. She dedicated herself to guiding others on transformative journeys, traversing sacred sites in Peru, Greece, England, and an unforgettable expedition to Egypt in 2022.

This year marks a new chapter in Isabella’s life, as she celebrates her marriage to her long-standing partner. Her commitment to teaching the art of shamanism is unwavering, empowering students to improve their lives and, if they choose, to assist others. Isabella’s practice now includes online and in-person private sessions, specializing in house and land clearings, where she witnesses the transformative power of energy cleansing in large buildings and properties.

Isabella emphasizes the importance of releasing one’s past to embrace true freedom. Her insights can be further explored through her podcast, “A Modern Shaman,” available on her website and various podcast channels.

Reflecting on her journey, Isabella acknowledges that the path has been far from smooth. Launching her spiritual business in 2009 presented numerous challenges, including mastering digital platforms and content creation. Yet, these hurdles only strengthened her resolve and belief in the Universe’s guidance.

The Orange County Healing Center, established in 2009, stands as a testament to Isabella’s dedication and skill in spiritual healing. Specializing in alleviating heavy energy associated with depression, anxiety, and trauma, Isabella employs ancient Andean and Amazonian techniques to realign her clients with their inner selves and passions. Her empathetic approach, coupled with an ability to identify and heal core wounds, sets her apart in her field.

Isabella’s journey is not just about her achievements but also about the humility she maintains in her practice. The joy she finds in witnessing the transformation of her clients post-healing is a source of continuous wonder and fulfillment.

My story is one of resilience, spiritual pursuit, and the power of healing. Her work at the Orange County Healing Center and beyond continues to impact lives, offering a path to alignment and self-discovery. Through her teachings, healing sessions, and spiritual journeys, Isabella remains a guiding light, inspiring others to awaken to their own greatness.

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