Energy Therapy: How to Heal Your Life

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Energy therapies are approaches to healing that take the mind, body, and soul into account. In Western medicine, the energy healing modalities are often referred to as alternative treatments, even though the practices have been around for millennia. 

From healing touch therapy to shamanic practices and more, these healing techniques have been gaining more and more popularity as they become mainstream. There is a huge interest in using these energy therapies for the treatment and prevention of ailments and health conditions. 

In the following post, we will discuss energy healing as a form of energy medicine for the lasting and effective treatment of several ailments and conditions. 

What is energy therapy, and how does it work? 

Beyond the physical body, a human being has an energy field and natural energy system. When things are running smoothly, a person will feel calm, reset, and energized; they will be full of vitality and can execute daily tasks without stress or worry. 
But when one’s energy field becomes disrupted or falls victim to an imbalance of sorts, mental, emotional, and physical upsets can manifest. 
Energy therapy, sometimes called energy healing or energy medicine, is a holistic practice designed to balance and soothe any disparities in a person’s energetic field, either before or at the onset of a physical manifestation of illness. 
During an energy therapy session, a trained professional will assess the client or patient’s energetic field and manipulate the energy to rectify any imbalances in order to return and restore it to its natural, happily flowing state. 
During an energy healing session, a practitioner can use several modes or techniques of healing, including crystals, meditation, prayer, visualization, and more. 

Different Types of Energy Therapy

There are several types of energy healing techniques that one can choose from. Some of the most popular modalities include:
Reiki: A popular healing technique, Reiki uses symbols and a hands-on-body approach to healing their client’s energy. They place their hands on 12 specific points of the body. The practitioner will channel universal life force energy through their hands and pass it to the client. 
Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese technique where thin needles are inserted into the body at various points along the body’s meridians in order to relieve chronic pain. At times, certain points along the meridians will weaken or get blocked, causing an imbalance of energy. Acupuncture draws attention to these points and mobilizes the flow of energy through them, returning them to their regular functioning. 
Shamanic Energy Healing: Using time-honored practices instilled by shamans, shamanic energy healing aims to both soothe a patient’s current state of disarray and also uncover the origin of trauma. Using a combination of healing techniques, including shamanic journeying, chakra balancing, soul retrieval, and more, a trained shamanic practitioner can help a patient or client identify the main block that clogs the free flow of their energy and remove it for good. Sometimes, a person is blocked from an experience in a past life. A shamanic energy practitioner is able to move through timelines to identify the root cause of the discomfort and free the person from it in this current life. Learn more about the benefits of shamanic energy healing
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): A non-invasive energetic treatment that is largely self-administered, emotional freedom technique (EFT), often called tapping, also works on the meridians of the body, but unlike acupuncture, there are no needles involved. Instead, the individual uses their fingertips to tap at various points along the body where there is a build-up of energy, typically around the head and face area. While the individual is ‘tapping,’ they recite sentences that focus on moving energy and replacing negative beliefs with positive, loving ones. 
Craniosacral Therapy: Often referred to as craniosacral therapy, cranial sacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on healing touch bodywork treatment. The craniosacral practitioner places their hands upon a patient’s head, neck, and back and applies a gentle amount of pressure to lift and ease the stress and discomfort created by tensing and pressure. 
Pranic Healing: A no-touch Eastern healing approach. Here, a pranic practitioner moves and shifts ‘prana’ (energy) in their patient to bring healing energy into their field and bring their energy systems back online. 
Other popular forms of energy therapy include: 

  • Qigong: A slow, gentle movement-based self-administered treatment that focuses on the individual moving energy through themselves.
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT): A self-administered therapy where the individual taps on meridian points to shift energy.
  • Breathwork: Another popular practice that has become mainstream is breathwork. Breathwork refers to various types of breathing exercises and techniques. When one does these exercises, they can feel a sense of oneness. They become calm, centered, and grounded. When this happens, healing can occur. Breathwork is a wonderful tool for self-awareness, and is useful for reducing stress, managing anxiety and releasing negative thoughts. There are several different breathwork techniques but some of the most common include holotropic breathwork and shamanic breathwork.

While there are plenty of energy therapy modalities available, shamanic energy healing is one of the most effective. It can be done by a professional so the patient or client can take a step back and let the healing take place without their involvement. Also, it is deeply effective in treating the root cause of ailments by finding the original trauma or block and releasing it, not just treating the symptoms on display at present. 

Benefits of Energy Therapy

There are plenty of benefits of energy therapy. While the above-mentioned modalities each have their own unique benefits, shamanic energy healing can help with the following:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved sleep and a sense of calm
  • Help with PTSD and letting go of trauma and pain from the past
  • Depression and heavy emotions
  • Releasing blocks and limitations
  • Finding the root cause of ailments and removing them

Traditional Medicine and Energy Therapy

While energy therapy is still considered an alternate medicine, it can easily be added or supplemented into a traditional medicine approach to treatment.
Where traditional medicine will treat the physical symptoms, energy therapy can treat the emotional or energetic blockages taking place.
A combination of both traditional medicine, therapy and energy healing may be a great plan of action for some patients looking for a more holistic approach to healing.

Exploring Energy Therapies

Exploring integrated energy therapy and energy medicine is always a good idea. Whether you are anxious, sick or experiencing symptoms, there may still be an energetic blockage occurring below the surface. 
Sometimes, energetic misalignments are subtle and not always easy to identify, so working with a trained and highly reputable healing practitioner is a great idea.

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